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Experience the magic of the underwater world on a family diving holiday. From outstanding resort facilities to safe and colourful diving adventures, our carefully selected trips and destinations offer everything a family needs.

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Why our family diving holidays are so successful

Our diving adventures are safe and enjoyable for all the family
We only work with the most professional local operators
Our experienced and friendly team can cater for your every need
Our dive trips can be tailor-made to suit your precise requirements

Diving as a family

Children as young as ten years old can safely learn to dive, making scuba diving an accessible and attractive pursuit for an active family. Discover our recommendations for family friendly accommodation that can save vital pennies.

Find out about learning to dive as a family, discover our recommendations for fabulous diving and adventure holidays or check out our suggestions for great snorkelling destinations for all the family.

Learning to dive as a family

There are many destinations that offer the right environment for learning to dive as a family. Easy & colourful diving, professional, family friendly dive centres and resorts suited to children are all essential ingredients. 

Head to Thailand for great scuba diving and charming tropical islands or visit Grenada or Tobago for colourful diving and quintessential Caribbean charm. Learn to scuba dive and experience great wreck diving in Malta, take your first breaths underwater on the vibrant reefs of Jordan or Oman in the Middle East.

Diving and adventure

Like many families, you may be searching for a holiday that combines diving with other activities to broaden your children’s horizons while also keeping them active and entertained.

Many of our dive destinations have superb topside attractions as well as great diving, from the incredible wildlife of Africa or the Galapagos Islands to the history and culture of Jordan the beaches and culture of Thailand to the excitement of Mexico or Belize.


Often, not all the family are divers, so it pays to have a destination that offers great snorkelling opportunities as well, allowing the family to continue to share in the same holiday experiences.

The vibrant Indian Ocean reefs of the Maldives and the Seychelles are wonderful for both divers and snorkellers, while the calm, clear waters of the Caribbean are ideal destinations for families too, with Bonaire, Curacao, the Bahamas & Honduras worthy of particular mention.

Family friendly accommodation

Taking the family on a special holiday need not be an expensive affair. Choosing the right accommodation is key to keeping a lid on costs. Family villas or apartments are an ideal choice, providing an ideal environment for your family while saving crucial pennies.

We offer larger apartments or villas in Mexico, Bonaire and Oman that are ideal for families. Wherever you wish to visit, we are very happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the most suitable accommodation for you.

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