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Liveaboards allow divers to explore areas beyond the reach of dive resorts, transporting you to some of the most remote and spectacular diving destinations on earth. From the Caribbean to the South Pacific, we offer the widest range of liveaboard boats and trips to world-class diving locations.

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Why our liveaboard diving holidays are so successful

Our liveaboards are carefully selected to offer the finest diving experiences
We only work with the most experienced and professional operators
We have years of experience arranging outstanding liveaboard diving holidays
Our dive trips can be tailor-made to suit your precise requirements

Exceptional liveaboard experiences

We feature 72 outstanding liveaboards in 25 destinations around the world, providing a wealth of choice for scuba divers and access to the finest dive sites on the planet, many only reached by liveaboard.

Discover some of the most iconic liveaboard adventures, find out if liveaboard diving is for you or if you have the required experience or find out about arranging great value liveaboard charters with us.

Iconic liveaboard adventures

There are many fabulous liveaboard holidays for you to enjoy, but a handful tend to stand out from the crowd, gaining a reputation as the most iconic liveaboard destinations on the planet. Here are a few for the bucket list….

Raja Ampat or the ‘four kings’ lies in remote eastern Indonesia. One of the most sought after liveaboard adventures in the world, it is considered the most biologically diverse region on earth. From manta rays to pristine coral reefs, vast schools of pelagic fish to walking sharks, Raja Ampat has it all.

One of Indonesia’s most popular and exciting diving areas, the vast Komodo National Park is best dived by liveaboard to fully appreciate the area’s riches. The waters offer an incredible variety of marine habitats and life including sharks, manta rays, teeming reefs and rare critters.

Dive Palau by liveaboard to truly appreciate this Pacific island gem. The world’s first shark sanctuary, Palau dazzles with its healthy reefs, wrecks and superb shark encounters. Three ocean currents converge in Palau’s waters, bringing with them some of the most varied and impressive marine life in the world.

A diving mecca to rival Cocos and the Galapagos Islands, Mexico’s Socorro Islands also form part of the eastern Pacific shark corridor and are acclaimed for majestic manta rays, sharks, dolphins and calving humpback whales.

A must-visit destination for all experienced divers, the Galapagos Islands play host to spectacular, unique and awe-inspiring wildlife encounters both above and below the water. Highlights include huge whale sharks, schooling hammerheads and manta rays.

No round-up of the world’s finest liveaboard holidays would be complete without paying homage to the Maldives. This chain of over a 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean harbours prolific marine life and has visibility often exceeding 50 metres. The quintessential liveaboard diving destination.

Liveaboard charters

If you are a dive centre or group of friends interested in a chartering a dive liveaboard, speak to our team of friendly experts today. We offer the widest choice of liveaboards available and can call on years of experience and knowledge to recommend the right liveaboard adventure for you. What’s more, free spaces for tour leaders are available for groups as small as six divers.

As a fully bonded tour operator, you also benefit from 100% financial security for your holiday along with the full support of our dedicated team of dive professionals.

Is a dive liveaboard for you?

Liveaboards are a great way to dive. Some of the best diving in the world is only available from liveaboards, while the ability to enjoy three or more dives a day and share in the company of like-minded individuals appeals to many divers.

Whether a diving liveaboard is right for you depends on what you are looking for from your holiday. If you are eager to dive as much as possible, enjoy the close proximity and company of other divers and are keen to explore some of the very best diving a region has to offer, then a liveaboard boat is a great choice.

If you like to make a couple of scuba dives a day, enjoy a sunset stroll on the beach or are looking for peace, tranquility and your own space, then a resort-based diving holiday may be more suitable.

Am I experienced enough for a liveaboard?

Many liveaboards require divers to have 30 or even 60 dives plus an advanced open water certification in order to participate. This is because the diving is often more challenging in nature, visiting more remote regions, diving sites prone to strong currents or requiring depths greater than 18 metres.

That is not exclusively the case however. Those looking to experience diving liveaboards for the first time should consider a liveaboard to Thailand’s Similan and Surin Islands or the beautiful Bahamas Islands. While the Maldives has more challenging diving, The Emperor Atoll, and the Theia  also able to cater to less experienced scuba divers.

Our Seychelles cruises are also aimed at less experienced divers, while the Great Barrier Reef in Australia makes a great introduction to the world of liveaboard diving. Those looking to combine easy and enjoyable liveaboard diving with fantastic topside wildlife may also consider a holiday to Madagascar, an island that has stood in splendid isolation for more than 160 million years.

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