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Cage diving allows unique, up-close encounters with the ocean's finest and most fearsome predator, the great white shark. Our cage diving trips are safe and available to novices and experienced divers. They are often in shallow water, or from a cage at the ocean's surface.

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Why our cage diving holidays are so successful

We only work with the most experienced and professional operators
Our shark diving locations are carefully selected to offer the finest encounters
Our local experts share a passion to protect and conserve great whites and their habitats
Our trips can be tailor-made to suit your precise requirements

About cage diving

Cage diving may not allow the freedom of normal scuba diving, but it provides a unique opportunity to view great white sharks in safety. Surprisingly, it is also possible for divers of all experience levels, and even those that have never dived.

Exceptional cage diving experiences can be had in South Africa, Isla Guadalupe off the Pacific coast of Mexico and South Australia, all primarily to view the magnificent great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias).

Is cage diving safe?

Cage diving is incredibly safe. The cages are made from strong metal frames. Many cages are covered with a metal mesh have lids. Cages are connected to the dive boat via lines and are continuously supervised. Most cages are secured to the side of the boat for security and easy access for those wishing to watch the sharks in their natural habitat. Occasionally cages are lowered deeper into the water, and sometimes to the sea floor, but they are still connected to the dive boat.

Do I need to be an experienced diver?

Not at all. Many cage dives cater for those who have no scuba diving experience or qualifications. Attached to the side of the boat and at the surface of the water, many cage dives only require a snorkel or holding your breath as a shark passes. Some locations require diving qualifications as the cage is completely submerged and sometimes descended to the sea floor where scuba equipment is needed.

Exceptional great white shark encounters

There are three main areas for exquisite encounters with great white sharks: Australia, Mexico and South Africa. These locations each offer exhilarating and highly memorable dive trips with a unique twist that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

South Africa is famous for the breaching great white sharks found around seal island and the adrenaline driven dives from Gansbaai. The large seal population keeps great white sharks in the vicinity throughout the year. The unique topography of the region often causes the sharks to leap and fully exit the water when hunting the seals - a very memorable and special moment if you are fortunate enough to witness it!

Isla Guadalupe in Mexico, is praised around the world for the high visibility offered to divers wanting to get up close to the formidable great white sharks.  Divers are usually presented with 30 metres visibility providing perfect photographic moments with the kings of the ocean. The endemic Guadalupe fur seals that breed only on the one island are an additional bonus for those who visit this beautiful location.

Southern Australia has gained a reputation for some of the most memorable great white encounters in recent years due to the beautiful waters and inquisitive sharks. Divers can experience a plethora of marine life in the locations around the great white sharks which only adds to the excitement of cage diving. Those who decide to be in an ocean floor cage can often have the added bonus of encounters with rays and large groupers.

Cage diving is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful forms of underwater adventure. Being able to observe and admire great white sharks in their natural habitat is unmatched by other forms of diving. Witnessing these alluring, magnificent, and vulnerable animals is an experience that never leaves those who embrace the adrenaline-fuelled journey of cage diving.

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