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Snorkelling offers a freedom and simplicity that appeals to many who do not dive. We understand that not all great dive destinations make great snorkelling destinations - and that it is not only divers that wish to have exceptional marine life encounters. We know the great experiences snorkelling offers, and take pleasure in creating the very best trips.

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Why our snorkelling holidays are so successful

Years of experience have provided us with expert knowledge of the finest snorkelling destinations
Our friendly team offers helpful advice to snorkellers and divers alike
We cater both beginners and those looking for a truly exceptional snorkelling experience
Our trips can be tailor-made to suit your precise requirements

Exceptional snorkelling experiences

The world abounds with great snorkelling destinations. The ingredients of a great snorkelling destination are generally accessible, shallow coral reefs; clear, calm water; and of course interesting marine life.

In fact, there is some truly exceptional marine life to see while snorkelling, some of which can only been seen while snorkelling. Offering a different experience to diving, there is no reason for those who cannot or do not wish to dive to miss out on exceptional marine life encounters.

Snorkelling destinations

The gin-clear waters of the Caribbean offer numerous snorkelling opportunities, including the dive sites of Bonaire, Belize’s barrier reef and also the Bahamas. Between June and September, huge numbers of whale sharks and sometimes manta rays gather of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, providing snorkellers with the chance to see one of the most spectacular marine life events on the planet.

The wonderful house reefs of the Maldives also offer exceptional snorkelling opportunities, with snorkellers also in prime spot to see whale sharks and manta rays in the south Ari atoll and the Baa atoll in season. Also in the Indian Ocean, the calm clear waters of the Seychelles are ideal for snorkellers and novice divers.

Liveaboards to Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic are also the preserve of snorkellers only, who can delight in the large numbers of whales that gather here seasonally. A similar experience can also be enjoyed by a lucky few in the crystal clear waters of Tonga between June and September each year, while Australia’s great barrier reef also offers much for the non-diver.

South Africa’s epic sardine run is also best seen as a snorkeller, with the more adventurous able to see all the action as vase schools are attacked from above and below by sharks, dolphins, whales and birds.

No round-up of great snorkelling sites would be complete without a mention of the Asia Pacific region, which has the most diverse and colour coralful reefs on the planet, ensuring fabulous snorkelling. Head to Bunaken or Raja Ampat in Indonesia, the Philippines’ Visayas region or even Fiji’s welcoming islands for truly exceptional snorkelling on some of the world’s most colourful reefs.

Marine life to see snorkelling

There is much marine life to be seen from the surface. Vibrant coral reefs are home to colourful species such as butterflyfish, angelfish and trumpetfish. Turtles are always a favourite and can be seen in many of our destinations. As they come to the surface to breath, they are  often as accessible to snorkellers as divers.

Those searching for bigger marine life can see whale sharks in Mexico from June to September. Whale sharks also grace the waters around one of our newest destinations, St Helena. The Maldives is blessed with encounters of both whale sharks and manta rays year-round in shallow waters. 

Snorkelling vs diving

While divers are able to explore greater depths, there is a certain freedom and simplicity about snorkelling that is attractive to many. Minimal equipment is required, with snorkellers able to quickly don a mask, snorkel and fins to begin their aquatic adventure.

Being more accessible, snorkelling opens the window for many onto the wonders of our seas and oceans - and provides a gateway to scuba diving for those who wish to explore further. Conversely, many snorkellers are ex-divers who are now unable to dive but still wish to enjoy our marine world at its very best.

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