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Ancient, intelligent, and hugely impressive, whales are some of the finest animals to grace our planet. The opportunity to watch whales in their habitat, or even share the water with these ocean giants, is a wildlife experience with few equals. Our whale and dolphin watching trips are designed to take you to the heart of the action.

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Why our whale watching holidays are so successful

We only work with the most experienced and professional operators
Our whale watching locations are carefully selected to offer the finest encounters
Our local experts share a passion to protect and conserve whales and their habitats
Our trips can be tailor-made to suit your precise requirements

And with over 15 years’ experience in creating tailor-made dive holidays, you can trust us to design a whale watching trip that meets your specific requirements.

Exceptional whale watching encounters

Whales are largely migratory animals, and often the best encounters depend not only in being in the right place, but often also depend on being there at the right time.

With our passion for marine life, the welfare of the whales themselves is integral to our approach and defines our whale watching experiences.

Iconic whale species and when to see them

Between January and March, both humpback whales and grey whales make the journey south from Arctic waters to Mexico’s Pacific coast to raise their young in the protected lagoons and bays around the Baja Peninsula.

In the South Pacific, July to October are superb months for humpback whales and their young, notably in Tonga and Tahiti. North Atlantic humpback whales gather around Silverbank off the Dominican Republic, providing outstanding viewing opportunities between January and April each year.

Dominica, dubbed the Caribbean’s ‘nature island’, sees a number of whale species but is most famous for her sperm whales, boasting a 95% success rate throughout the year. Sperm whales can also be seen in the Azores between March and September each year, where you can get involved in research and conservation of this species.

Minke whales may be one of the smaller members of the whale family, but their curious nature makes encounters a joy. They can been seen off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef by liveaboard during June and July each year.

Interacting with whales

Intelligent, social and complex, encounters with whales often represent a life defining moment for many. However sought after those experiences, we believe passionately that the welfare of the whale themselves should be at the heart of any whale watching experience.

We only work with whale watching operators that meet the highest standards, using knowledgeable guides that carefully observe and respond to the behaviour of the whales, while adhering to local and international best practices with regards to whale watching experiences. Any interactions with any species of cetacean should always be initiated by the whales themselves, on their own terms, and without any notion of harassment.

When conducted in this manner, whale watching experiences can be both hugely rewarding and sustainable, leaving only the most minimal footprint and ensuring the health and well being of the whales is integral throughout.

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