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Technical diving allows experienced divers to explore further into our underwater world. From the wrecks of Truk Lagoon to the plunging walls of the Cayman Islands, our technical diving holidays and destinations are now more accessible than ever.

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Why our technical diving holidays are so successful

We only work with the most experienced and professional technical dive centres
Our service and flexibility ensure that all your needs and questions are answered
From polar diving to world-class wrecks, our trips take you to environments few have witnessed
Diver safety lies at the core of all our technical diving experiences

And with over 15 years’ experience in creating tailor-made dive holidays, you can trust us to design a technical diving trip that meets your specific requirements.

Getting technical

Discover what is meant by technical diving and the different types of diving this encompasses. Get to grips with the different certifying agencies, what is involved with learning technical diving and where you can advance your diving skills.

Delve into some of the finest destinations in the world for technical diving, those with both the facilities and the dive sites suitable for exceptional technical diving experiences.

What is technical diving

Technical diving, or tec-diving, is the term used to describe any diving activity beyond recreational limits. It allows experienced and suitably trained divers to remain underwater for longer or explore deeper than recreational diving permits. In order to achieve this, technical divers often use different mixes of gases to recreational divers.

Rebreathers are also considered technical diving. These semi-closed circuit systems remove carbon dioxide and replace lost oxygen, allowing air to be recirculated. The primary advantages of rebreathers for recreational divers is to extend bottom time and get closer to marine life; possible as these closed circuit systems do not produce bubbles.

Recent design improvements and reductions in cost have made this type of diving more accessible than ever and it continues to grow in popularity, along with all forms of more technical diving.

Learning about technical diving

Technical diving courses are offered by PADI, TDI and other diving agencies, who will teach advanced divers about the equipment, gases and procedures to safely enjoy technical diving. We work with highly professional and experienced dive centres in Grenada, the Cayman Islands, Bonaire and the Philippines who will be happy to introduce suitably qualified divers to the world of technical diving.

Technical diving destinations

In essence, any dive centre that offers quality facilities for technical divers is a good technical diving destination. True Blue Bay Resort in Grenada are a great choice for technical divers who can spend longer exploring the Bianca C, one of the Caribbean’s largest wrecks. Also in the Caribbean, Cobalt Coast Resort in the Cayman Islands, along with Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire offer all the services and experience a technical diver needs.

Evolution Resort is run by experienced technical divers and can arrange technical dives to explore the exceptional sites around Malapascua in the Philippines. One of the most popular destinations for technical divers is Truk Lagoon, home to an entire Japanese WWII fleet sunk in situ. Here, both the M/V Odyssey liveaboard and Blue Lagoon Resort regularly cater for technical divers.

Also worthy of note, the Siren Fleet of liveaboards, operating throughout the Asia Pacific region, can also cater for rebreather divers on all their vessels.

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