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Discover our trips and dive locations by interest if you have a specific type of diving or activity in mind.

Shark diving

Diving with sharks is a pinnacle for many divers. These iconic and ancient animals engender emotions in us that few other animals rival. From cage dives with great white sharks to whale shark encounters, our shark diving trips take you to the heart of the action.

Great white shark

One of the most sought after diving encounters, you do not need to be an experienced diver to come face to face with a great white shark. Safe and well managed cage diving with these apex predators is possible in South Africa, Mexico and Australia.

Hammerhead shark

Of the 11 species of hammerhead shark, it is schools of scalloped hammerheads and the great hammerhead that provide the greatest allure for divers. Exceptional opportunities to see these majestic animals exist in the eastern Pacific, Tahiti, Bahamas and Malaysia.

Whale shark

Conservation programmes operate across the globe to understand more about these gentle giants, possibly the most popular marine creature on a diver’s check list. Our trips offer the best opportunity to see whale sharks and the chance to get involved in local research.

Manta ray

Diving with manta rays is at the top of many divers wishlists. The sheer size, grace and elegance of the manta ensures their place as one of the most sought after encounters in the marine world.


The opportunity to watch whales in their habitat, or even share the water with these ocean giants, is a wildlife experience with few equals.

Cage diving

Cage diving allows unique, up-close encounters with the ocean's finest and most fearsome predator, the great white shark. Cage diving is an adventure available to novices as well as experienced divers and is often done in shallow water.

Learn to dive

Learning to dive opens a window onto a new world, awash with vibrant colours and enthralling encounters. Choosing where to take an Open Water course and finding the best centre can be daunting, our learn to dive trips are carefully crafted for the best experience.

Muck diving

Muck diving, or critter diving is as fascinating as it is addictive. From the wunderpus to the pygmy seahorse our muck diving trips uncover the weirdest and most wonderful creatures on the planet.

Reef diving

Dive on colourful reefs teeming with life and experience one of the most mesmerising scenes of the underwater world. Home to a quarter of all marine species, tropical coral reefs enchant and delight divers and snorkellers alike.

Shore diving

There is simply nothing quite like stepping off a beach into a fantastic dive site. Shore diving offers simplicity, flexibility and superb value to divers of all abilities. Our carefully selected trips and destinations feature the world’s finest shore diving adventures.


Snorkelling offers a freedom and simplicity that appeals to many who do not dive. Not all great dive destinations make great snorkelling destinations, our collection of snorkelling trips and locations showcase the very best snorkelling experiences.

Technical diving

Technical diving allows experienced divers to explore further into our underwater world. From the wrecks of Micronesia to the plunging walls of the Cayman Islands, our technical diving holidays and destinations are now more accessible than ever.

Underwater photography

Underwater photography is now more accessible, enjoyable and rewarding than ever. Our collection of recommended trips have been carefully selected for their outstanding photographic opportunities.

Wreck diving

Wreck diving allows divers to delve back in history, uncovering a past engulfed by the oceans. To many, it is this history that proves so alluring. For others, it is their role as vibrant artificial reefs. Our wreck diving trips visit the world’s finest wreck diving destinations.

Trip types

We offer diving holidays with distinctly different formats. Discover our trips and dive locations by type.

Liveaboard diving

Liveaboards allow divers to explore areas beyond the reach of dive resorts, transporting you to the most remote and spectacular diving. From the Caribbean to the South Pacific, we offer the widest range of liveaboard trips to world-class diving destinations.

Resort based diving

We offer a carefully selected range of characterful hotels, charming guest-houses and outstanding dive centres in the world's finest diving destinations. Browse our diving holidays to find inspiration for your next diving adventure.

Singles diving

Single divers need not worry about missing out on all the fun, or paying twice the price. There are many friendly dive resorts who keep single supplements to a minimum or arrange sharers. As well as liveaboards and group trips, we also have a collection of trips ideal for single divers.

Diving & adventure

Many of our destinations offer much more than diving, affording the opportunity to experience pristine rainforest, superb wildlife and incomparable adventure. Browse our carefully crafted trips for your next diving and topside adventure.

Luxury diving

Our collection of luxury diving holidays combine the world's finest diving locations, with sumptuous resort and liveaboard accommodation. Our experts will ensure you have an outstanding experience both above and below water.

Family diving

Experience the magic of the underwater world with all the family. From outstanding resort facilities to safe and colourful diving adventures, our carefully selected trips and destinations offer everything a family needs for the perfect diving holiday.

Group diving

Group diving holidays are hugely rewarding, allowing you to dive with like-minded people, make friends and experience some superb diving. And by diving as a group, you can also save crucial pennies. Browse our group diving trips to find your next dive adventure.