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Our years of experience tailoring diving holidays to worldwide destinations enables us to offer you the very the best destinations, resorts and liveaboards, plus of course our personalised service.

Finest dive accommodation

Although we use a variety of properties, our preference is for small, characterful, owner-managed properties, which – crucially – provide access to the best dive sites. This helps keep travel to a minimum and ensure you are in the right place at the right time, although it does mean that – on occasion – location is a higher priority than comfort.

Depending on what is available locally, we can arrange everything from top-end accommodation with all the associated comforts to simple guesthouses and hotels. This is reflected in the cost of your trip.

Widest range of liveaboards

The advantages of a liveaboard holiday are numerous. Many liveaboards provide the opportunity to dive remote and often otherwise inaccessible areas of the world. They are ideal for those wishing to maximise the number of dives they can experience from day one and a preferred option for single travellers.

We feature in excess of 90 liveaboards throughout the world and are adding more all the time - offering you more choice than any other UK tour operator.

Finest dive destinations

Our own travels in search of the world’s finest opportunities to see marine life in its natural habitat allow us to hand-pick the very best experiences. Rarely satisfied with what we have seen, we strive to ensure that no far-flung corner of our oceans escapes our scrutiny, in our search for the best marine encounters.

As the earth continues to shrink, remote areas, that were previously impossible to visit, open to visitors from around the world. We are proud to be at the forefront of pioneering these destinations in our quest for new and exciting experiences.

Even in those destinations where we have operated for a long time, rather than rest on our laurels, we continuously seek new ways of bringing you the best they have to offer.

Special interests

Each of us is an individual. While sharing an affinity for the oceans and scuba diving, within that we have varied and wide-ranging interests.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to cater for many special interests, including diving education, wreck diving, underwater photography, technical diving or specific marine life.

We can also cater for non-divers, snorkellers and those looking to combine diving with land-based wildlife or adventure.

Personalised travel services

With highly personalised individual travel documentation, and a dedicated consultant to supervise every stage of your booking, the level of service we offer is second to none.

On the ground – depending on the country – you will be met and greeted at the airport of your arrival, and thereafter looked after every step of the way by personnel for whom your needs and wishes are the absolute priority.

However, before you even get to that stage, we positively relish the challenge of helping you design your perfect itinerary – to create the journey of a lifetime…!