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Silfra dive site is a series of connected ravines, 600 metres long. It’s accessible to both snorkellers and divers. There are tunnels and caverns, naturally created by earthquakes, bright green algae covered boulders and incredible visibility, but no fish life.

The fissure is a result of volcanic activity and sits between two continental plates, actively drifting apart at around 2 centimetres per year. The water is so clear and pure that you are welcome to drink it. It originates from the Langjokull Glacier some 50 kilometres away and is filtered through the lava over a number of years, entering the fissure by a small crack and out at the other end into lake Thingvallavatn. Clear and pure, but constantly cold, the water temperature is 2-4C year round.

Enter the water at Big Crack which is the deepest part of the fissure, at 40 metres, but also the narrowest in parts. It’s here that you can touch both continental plates. The Hall is wider and full of large boulders. It’s all a bit surreal, especially when entering the 100 metre long Cathedral, as you can see from one end to the other in the crystal clear water. The light filters through the surface, offering divers exceptional photographic opportunities. The Lagoon offers dramatic views and visibility of over 120 metres, it’s shallow with a sandy bottom and the water here is more turquoise than the deep blue of previous parts. It’s an exhilarating adventure, a dive of a lifetime.

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Silfra Diving Weekend

Dive between two continents in Iceland's crystal clear waters. Include this unique experience at Silfra as part of a long weekend break to the land of fire and ice, a nation with stunning natural marvels.

  • When to go: Jun-Sep
  • Duration inc. flights: 4 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £945 pp
  • Trip type: Tailor-made trip idea