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The Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost part of mainland Antarctica, and the only part of the continent that extends beyond the Antarctic Circle.

Essentially a rugged mountain chain, at generally 2,000 metres high, the peninsula experiences a summer melting season, which results in a number of isolated, snow-free areas forming habitats for many primitive plants, microbes and inverterbrates and offering breeding grounds for marine mammals and birds.

In particular southern elephant and southern fur seals are found in the ocean around the peninsula, and native crabeater, Ross, Weddell, and leopard seal are all ice-breeding species. Several species of bird breed in the, ice-free, summer months such as, southern fulmar, blue-eyed shag, and Antarctic tern, and chinstrap and gentoo penguins. A number of petrels – Wilson’s storm petrel and snow petrel – burrow into the ground to build their nests.

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Key info

  • Ideal for viewing: humpback whale, common minke whale, orca, elephant seal, hourglass dolphin, giant isopod, sea butterfly, Antarctic fish

Dive trips

This dive location is featured in the following itineraries:

Classic Antarctica

This voyage of a lifetime is an opportunity to discover the best of Antarctica including its magnificent wildlife, with plenty of activities to explore the unique landscape both above and below the water.

  • When to go: Feb-Mar
  • Duration exc. flights: 11 days
  • Price exc. flights: From £5,695 pp
  • Trip type: Liveaboard trip

Polar Circle & Antarctic Peninsula

The aim of this voyage is to reach as far south as weather and ice conditions will permit, and cross the Antarctic Circle. Enjoy guided shore excursions and opportunities to snorkel or dive with fur seals, leopard seals and penguins.

  • When to go: Mar
  • Duration exc. flights: 12 days
  • Price exc. flights: From £6,145 pp
  • Trip type: Liveaboard trip
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This ice-strengthened vessel is an excellent choice for expeditions in the polar regions, providing possibilities to travel to remote locations. Dive sites include shallow ice diving and wall diving from a beach or Zodiac.


This comfortable ice-strengthened vessel is ideal for exploring remote destinations in the Arctic or Antarctica. Some itineraries include polar diving, as well as regular activities. All trips offer an adventure of a lifetime!