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The remote Alphonse Group of islands is considered one of the most pristine and untouched locations of the world. Divers can enjoy a marine wonderland, a unique experience and an authentic island escape.

These outer islands of the Seychelles lie seven degrees south of the equator, 400 kilometres southwest from the main island of Mahé and comprise of two atolls: Alphonse and St François. Remote and untouched, they are considered a nature lover’s paradise.

Alphonse is the most northerly of the three paradise coral islands and the only inhabited one. The island was named by a French captain in 1730 and has seen the production and trading of fruit and vegetables since the 1820s when its first population was established. St François is famed for its flats, renowned as a world-class fishing destination. Lying between the two, the tiny idyllic island of Bijoutier is surrounded by excellent dive sites, home to a wealth of marine life and a great place to explore.

The marine life diversity, pristine dive sites and exclusivity make diving here an extraordinary experience. The island group is home to a manta ray population, nesting green and hawksbill turtles, several species of shoaling fish, dolphin, sharks and whales as well as a wealth of macro life on the reefs and in the lagoon.

Established on Alphonse in 2007, the Island Conservation Centre is responsible for ensuring the key aspects of the ecosystem are well maintained and cared for. The team provide a weekly presentation and offer activities such as turtle patrol, beach clean-ups, giant tortoise viewing and bird watching.

A unique and exclusive destination waiting to be discovered, the Alphonse Group offers year-round summer days, with a consistent temperature of 22C. The northwest trade winds coincide with the better diving season (Nov-Mar), bringing warmer weather and tropical rain showers.

Key info

  • Ideal for viewing: green turtle, reef manta ray, Seychelles anemonefish, spinner dolphin, tawny nurse shark
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Alphonse Island

One of three paradise coral islands, Alphonse is one of the most pristine, untouched and remote islands in the Indian Ocean, offering extraordinary marine encounters. The luxury is in the quality of the experience.