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Sailing amid an awe inspiring scenery of fjords and glaciers you pass by the world’s largest national park and see the birthplace of Greenland’s giant icebergs.

With a few days to explore Spitsbergen, the largest island in Svalbard, you may reach as far as 81˚ North and visit the walrus sanctuary at Moffen Island, where these tusked creatures are often seen hauled out on shore or swimming in the protected waters.

The stunning Monaco Glacier and 14th of July Glacier lie on your route, and there is an opportunity to land at one of the world’s northernmost settlements, the research station at Ny Alesund.

One or two trips each year are designated as polar diving trips and welcome appropriately trained divers for a supplement. 

There are other trips available throughout the season. Contact us for further details.

Typical Itinerary

  1. Day 1: Embark Lonyearbyen. Spitsbergen

    Embark and sail down Isfjorden, flanked by bird cliffs, vast glaciers and jagged mountains.

  2. Days 2-3 : Sail up Spitsbergen’s west coast

    Spitsbergen’s northwest coast features calving icebergs, historic whaling stations and trappers’ camps. Reindeer roam the tundra, and from zodiacs you will gain fantastic views of ice cliffs, including Monacobreen, one of Spitsbergen’s largest glaciers. In the north, there’s a good chance of seeing walrus – and possibly even polar bears – on the pack ice.

  3. Days 4-5 : Head south-east along the Greenland Sea

    Cross the Greenland Sea, searching for fin and beluga whales. If conditions permit, land on Greenland’s northeast coast – this region is home to polar bear, walrus, Arctic hare and musk ox.

  4. Days 6-10 : If conditions permit, attempt to reach Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord and Scoresby Sund

    Visit Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord and Kong Oskar Fjords, and Scoresbysund, the world’s biggest fjord – see vast glaciers and icebergs, some 30 metres high.

  5. Days 11-12 : Explore the east coast of Greenland

    Sail south along the Blosseville Coast, searching for musk ox and narwhals.

  6. Day 13: Cross Denmark Strait

    Sail across Denmark Strait towards Iceland; spot northern fulmars, black-backed gulls, dolphins and orcas.

  7. Day 14: Disembark at Keflavik, Iceland

    Disembark in Isafjordur, a fishing town in Iceland’s northwest. After breakfast, catch a flight to Reykjavik.

You should note: Guide price excludes flights. Supplement for diving approx £350.

Key info

  • Duration and price excluding international flights: 14 days from £3,895 pp
  • Departures: Please contact us for departure date details.
  • Included in the price/package:
    • Liveaboard only – Quadruple Porthole cabin berth
Featured locations:

North East Greenland National Park

North East Greenland National Park, at almost 1 million square kilometres, is the world’s largest. Although part of the Greenland Ice Sheet, there are large ice-free areas of green mountains with beautiful wild flowers, long fjords, precipitous cliffs and hot springs.

  • Ideal for viewing: common minke whale, fin whale, humpback whale, polar bear
  • Excellent for: Liveaboard diving, Whales


High above the Arctic Circle lies this remarkable archipelago, known in Norwegian as Svalbard. Meaning “jagged peaks”, this befits a remarkable land with a spectacular coastline, littered with glaciers flowing into the sea, and high cliffs with prolific wildlife.

  • Ideal for viewing: beluga whale, narwahl
  • Excellent for: Liveaboard diving, Whales