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Ari Atoll Paradise

Earlier this year, Dive Worldwide clients Cynthia & Simon returned to Vilamendhoo Island Resort in the Maldives and found that it more than matched up to the memories from their previous visit.

{img_alt} "The holiday was great. The flights, including the sea plane transfers, all went according to plan. 

Vilamendhoo is as wonderful as ever, truly a desert island. The resort staff are so friendly and helpful, they really do understand the meaning of customer service. It is amazing how some of them even remember us, especially as it was two years ago when we were last there!

Simon and I managed to each do 17 dives, and I achieved my 400 dive milestone. Simon is just a couple short of 800 dives. We went out twice on the all-day manta boat trip. On the first day we only saw two mantas very fleetingly over the two dives; so Simon persuaded me to go again the second week - and this time we were rewarded with lots of mantas on both dives.They really are awesome creatures, and we got really close at the end of the second dive when they swam around us as we did our 5 metre safety stop!  {img_alt}

We didn’t get to see a whale shark this time, just several smaller white-tip or black-tip reef sharks, plus my favourite turtles, and huge shoals of most of the other common reef fish.

Apart from the diving, the holiday was really all about relaxing and switching off. We enjoyed plenty of good food and caught up on sleep. I even read two books, something I never find time to do at home!"

Enjoy the excellent diving that the Maldives has to offer on your very own Ari Atoll Experience.