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Sunken Treasures

The eerie stillness and sense of history provided by a sunken shipwreck is something divers find hard to resist. Wrecks are also often home to fabulous coral reefs and marine life, providing an intoxicating mix for any diver. Here we showcase some of the finest wrecks in the world...

Shinkoku Maru, Truk

Considered the world’s finest wreck-diving destination, Truk Lagoon is awash with wrecks worthy of this list. One of the most colourful and also a great night dive, is the Shinkoku Maru. This huge 152m tanker lies in just 30m of water and is adorned with vibrant soft corals and exceptional marine life.

Level: Intermediate & advanced


San Francisco Maru, Truk

The 117m long wreck of the San Francisco Maru in Truk is a must for experienced divers. The ship went down upright and fully loaded, hence its nickname ‘the Million Dollar Wreck’. A veritable treasure trove of warfare, the hold contains detonators, mines and torpedoes with trucks and tanks on deck.

Level: Advanced


{img_alt} Antilla, Aruba

One of the Caribbean’s largest wrecks, the Antilla also boasts a fascinating story. Anchored off Aruba when Germany invaded the Netherlands in WWII, the ship was subsequently surrounded by Netherlands’ forces. The captain agreed to surrender, but instead sunk the vessel, creating an exceptional wreck dive.

Level: All


Bristol Blenheim, Malta

A light WWII bomber, the Bristol Blenheim is a spectacular plane wreck and can be found in the waters of Xorb il-Ghagin, Malta. the engines and wings are intact, but the fore-section of the fuselage lies several metres in front of the main part of the wreckage. This is a non-stop dive to 40m for experienced divers only!

Level: Advanced


Irako Maru, Coron Bay

After the Japanese had moved their ailing fleet from Manila in the Philippines, the US attacked on the morning of 24 Sep 1944, downing the entire remaining fleet. The Irako Maru responded with ferocity but was eventually sunk at the mouth of Coron Bay. She sits almost upright in 45 metres, and at 147 metres long, makes for a number of spectacular dives.

Level: Intermediate & advanced


Bianca C, Grenada

The largest shipwreck in the region, this luxury cruise liner is often referred to as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’. The Bianca C caught fire after an explosion in the engine room and came to rest upright in 50m of water, ideally situated between a reef system and the big blue.

Level: Intermediate and advanced

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