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Shark diving holidays

Below you will find details of some of the sharks you can see on our shark diving holidays, and where to see them. Including great white, whale sharks, hammerhead, reef sharks, thresher shark and tiger shark.

We have teamed up with shark and marine conservation charity, Bite-Back, to raise awareness and vital funds for their work. Look out for the Bite-Back logo throughout the website, designating 'shark-infested' trips with details of how you can get involved and show your support.

The list is not exhaustive, you can see sharks on many of our trips, these however, all have a specific shark focus.

Whale Shark
The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) filter feeding shark that is the largest fish in the ocean. They have a flatish head, are mainly dark grey and have a yellow "checkerboard" pattern of pale yellow spots and stripes. Whale sharks are found in tropical and warm waters, from Madagascar, South Africa and Tanzania to the Philippines and Honduras. Although whale sharks have very large mouths, they feed mainly on plankton.

The hammerhead shark (Sphyrna Zygaena) have very distinctive heads, with the shark's eyes and nostrils at the tips of the head extensions. Hammerheads are found worldwide in warmer waters along coastlines and continental shelves. They are also known to form schools during the day, sometimes in groups of over 100!

Great white Shark
The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is an apex predator preying predominatly on seals & sea lions. Great white's are a large lamniform shark found in coastal surface waters in all major oceans. Including South Africa , Australia and Mexico's Isla Guadalupe .

Grey Reef Shark
The grey reef shark (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) is one of the most common reef sharks in the Indian and Pacific oceans. Typical with other reef sharks, they have a broad, round snout and large eyes. Grey reef sharks are often curious about divers when they first enter the water and may approach quite closely, though they lose interest on repeat dives.

In the Indian Ocean, it occurs from South Africa to India , including Madagascar and nearby islands, the Red Sea and the Maldives . In the Pacific Ocean, it is found from southern China to northern Australia and New Zealand, including the Gulf of Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia .

Thresher Shark
The thresher shark (Alopias Vulpinus) gets it's name from a distinctive thresher-like tail which can be as long as the body of the shark itself. They are active predators, who actually use their tail as a weapon to stun prey.

Thresher sharks can be seen in the waters of Malapascua - known as one of the best shark diving locations in the Philippines . Thresher sharks can also been seen at Protea Banks in South Africa .
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Tiger Sharks
The tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) is a species of requiem sharks. They are an elusive and solitary species. Being nocturnal they come inshore at night to feed and retreat offshore during the day. Reaching up to 8 metres in length, with most of those being encountered between 2 and 4 metres.

Tiger sharks can be seen in the waters of the Bahamas , Fiji , Tahiti and South Africa.


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