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Snap chat with Bite-Back

Since 2004 Bite-Back have been running a number of successful programmes, including its 'Hacked Off' campaign, to end the sale of shark fin soup in Britain.​

Staff and clients of Dive Worldwide have long been supporters of Bite-Back Shark and Marine Conservation. It was the charity’s energetic, innovative and pioneering approach to shark and marine conservation along with a ‘let’s get things done’ attitude that first captured the imagination. 

So, as promised, here’s a quick update from Bite-Back HQ:

Winning the shark fin soup war {img_alt}

Bite-Back’s campaign to make Britain’s restaurants shark fin free scored another victory earlier this year when a Chinese restaurant in Teddington, Surrey, announced it had taken the controversial dish off its menu.

The Imperial China chose to remove shark fin soup from the menu to avoid ‘the ongoing pressure from Bite-Back and customers telling us that it’s not okay to serve it’.

The restaurant has become the latest establishment to be dropped from Bite-Back’s ‘shark sighting map’ of restaurants serving shark fin soup in Britain.

Campaign Director at Bite-Back, Graham Buckingham, said: “Restaurants that sell shark fin soup are endorsing the extinction of shark populations around the world. With every bowl of shark fin soup they sell they are condoning the brutal and wasteful practice of shark finning at sea. The news that the Imperial China has stopped serving shark fin soup moves us closer than ever to our goal of making Britain the first country in the world to ban the unacceptable dish.”

Dive Worldwide clients who see shark fin soup for sale are encouraged to let Bite-Back know via its website.

{img_alt} Sharks in the media

“Unless perception changes, some of the planet's most charismatic species could be wiped out in our lifetime.” – writes Graham in his latest article, in which he questions why humans continue to seek revenge for shark attacks.

Is it the media’s portrayal that sways the public’s perception, or is there more to it?!

{img_alt} Cycle for sharks

Having never signed up to any form of organised run, bike or swim, something has spurred Graham on this year. On Sunday 31 July he will be taking part in the Prudential Ride London – Surrey 100.

100, as in miles; a fantastic effort for someone who prefers his life sitting down! Celebrating the legacy for cycling created by London 2012, {img_alt} the event begins (very early) at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and follows a closed-road route through the capital and Surrey (up Box Hill), culminating in a spectacular (sprint) finish down the Mall.

The training days are now over. For around eight hours on Sunday, he will be sitting, but working hard on his chosen challenge! For this valiant effort and to continue to help fund the vital and exciting campaigns for Bite-Back, we invite you to support him out on the route or with a donation from the comfort your armchair! All the best Graham!

Sharks on holiday

Diving with sharks represents a pinnacle for many divers. These iconic and ancient animals engender emotions in us that few other animals can rival. From encounters with whale sharks to cage dives with great white sharks, our shark diving trip ideas take you to locations at the heart of the action around the world.

As you pack your bags for your summer holiday, help spread the word about shark conservation by proudly attaching your ‘No Fin To Declare’ luggage tag to your kit.

Social Behaviour

Bite-Back are organising some exciting events later in the year, including exhibiting at DIVE 2016. Follow Bite-Back on Facebook to keep up to date.


On behalf of the sharks, thank you for listening. Enjoy your summer!  {img_alt}

The Dive Worldwide team are mad about marine life, just like you!