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Raja Ampat Trip Report

Michael Brown travelled with Dive Worldwide on board the Dewi Nusantara. This is what he had to say about his visit to the majestic Raja Ampat archipelago, famed for its incredible diversity of marine life, big and small...

Remote it may be, but it’s worth the long journey to reach the wonderful underwater world that awaits in Raja Ampat, a group of islands in the heart of the Coral Triangle with the most amazing marine biodiversity.

{img_alt} I was pleased to eventually get on board the Dewi Nusantara, a large, roomy, three masted old American-designed vessel. There’s plenty of space for everyone and everything. She’s incredibly stable, smooth and quiet, even under way. The crew (a mere 23 for us 16 guests!) were attentive and very friendly, as were my fellow divers - nearly half had been on the boat before, now there’s a recommendation!

Diving from the spacious tenders, both groups with their own excellent guide and the lovely Kassandra (the cruise director) as an extra, giving flexibility for individuals seeking the ‘greater crested pygmy whale shark’ or similar. On returning from a dive, we were met by an enthusiastic staff ready with towels, hot showers and a massage – what a way to spend a day, every day!

Although we weren’t there for the ‘big stuff’, we did see white tip, black tip and grey reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, bumphead parrot fish, mantas, mobulas and eagle rays - my highlights being the walking epaulette sharks at night and the wobbegongs.

{img_alt} The diversity of the sites is fantastic – there are some areas with schools of jacks, emperors, surgeonfish and snapper, others with a myriad of damsels and anthias and plenty of macro life too, a variety of pygmy seahorses (those wriggly things at the end of your guide’s pointer) stealing the show. I must also mention the three blue-ringed octopus seen, not peeking from out of the coral, but out and about posing for the cameras!

Perhaps the most striking underwater feature was the gorgeously coloured scenery, with wave upon wave of fans, corals and sponges - almost everywhere. Currents were variable and sometimes strong, but there were always sheltered sites to explore. A great trip!

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