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Meet the Dive Team - Charlie Munns

As part of our Master (scuba) Mind series, we put our questions to the most experienced diver in our team, Charlie ‘Chuuk’ Munns. Charlie has been working with us for over five years and has dived all over the world clocking up a staggering 4,000 dives.

What or who inspired you to learn to dive? I remember buying a whole load of comics and dive magazines from an NSPCC jumble sale when I was about eight, and preferred to read about diving than Desperate Dan! I eventually learnt in my gap year in the Coral Sea, Australia in 1991.

Where in the world would you most like to dive and why? Socorro in Mexico is right up there. I love to dive remote and relatively unexplored places, the sorts of places others struggle to find on a map.

What is your favourite type of diving? I have a history of reefs and wrecks mostly but I am a fan of big fish encounters and love to be surrounded by sharks of any size and species.

What is your most memorable marine life encounter? I was catching lobster for a living in St. Kitts in 2005 and earned a good living from it. I was foraging in the cracks of a reef at about 18 metres when it went very dark. At first I thought a boat was passing over me, but realised it was too quiet. Within a second, it dawned on me I had a very large humpback whale swimming about two metres above my head. I later shared 90 minutes of snorkelling with a mother and calf in the deep blue waters off St. Kitts. {img_alt}

Where was your last logged dive? I have recently been lucky enough to visit Cuba, a mysterious destination that’s been on my bucket list for some time. The highlight was a dive with an American saltwater crocodile.

Do you have any dive kit or gadgets you can’t travel without? A decent computer and dive light is a must on all my dives. I find the diving industry is held together by zip ties and duct tape.

Do you have a favourite film or documentary about diving? The Big Blue

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Almost anywhere new and I would love to see more of the Pacific islands. A liveaboard adventure around Tahiti or the Solomon Islands in search of mantas and tiger sharks would tick a lot of boxes. I have a fondness for Southeast Asia and there are plenty of bucket list destinations to visit in the Coral Triangle - a trip to Komodo would be amazing.

What has been your most memorable dive travel experience? As soon as I first learned about diving for megalodon shark teeth, I knew I needed to do it. I dived off the Carolina coast in the USA and found four large teeth along with a bunch of prehistoric whale bones. They take pride of place at home.



Certification Date: 1991

Current Certification: PADI MSDT

Number of (logged) dives: 4,000+

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