Liveaboard diving holidays

There are many advantages of liveaboard diving holidays. Many liveaboards provide the opportunity to dive remote and often inaccessible areas of the world. They are ideal for maximising the number of dives you experience and are a preferred option for lone travellers.

{img_alt} In contrast to resort diving, most liveaboards offer four to five dives a day with minimal waits between dives. With all the facilities close to hand, liveaboards save packing and unpacking heavy gear bags too. Bidodiversity trips offer excellent opportunities for extended trips as boats move from one region to the other between seasons and if you're looking to get on board with an expert, most fleets offer special trips with experts on board; whether it's photography or wildlife driven.

Liveaboard fleets


The waters surrounding Africa are home to an astonishing array of big marine life with whale migrations off Cape Town, Madagascar and Cape Verde; sharks in abundance, including ragged-tooth, hammerheads and the occasional great white at Protea Banks, and whale shark spotting in a variety of locations, including Tanzania and Kenya.


Liveaboard boats in the Americas offer advanced divers adventurous trips in destinations such as the Galapagos & Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama. We have a comprehensive offering of fantastic liveaboards that visit some of the most remote places on earth in order to bring you the best dive sites and marine encounters.


Marine life in Asia is amazing in its diversity and abundance. What better way to discover Asia's many protected marine parks than by joining a liveaboard in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines or Thailand – offering the adventurous explorer a once in a lifetime experience.


Australia offers a diverse range of experiences, from snorkelling with napoleon wrasse and the Coral Sea on the east coast, diving with whale sharks on the west coast and great white sharks in south Australia – the ultimate adrenalin dive.


The Caribbean offers a variety of liveaboard adventures and marine life encounters all year round in destinations such as the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Indian Ocean

For liveaboard boats in the Indian Ocean, choose your safari in the Maldives or the Seychelles. Boats often operate different itineraries depending on the season.

Middle East

The Middle East has a fantastic variety of dive locations and the Saman Explorer in Oman offers great value for money year round.

South Pacific

South Pacific Liveaboard Diving Holidays enjoy a reputation as among the very best in the world. In destinations such as Micronesia & Palau, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Tahiti, there's a wealth of exotic marine life, including turtles, sharks, rays and even whales; and a stunning seascape, populated by coral formations, walls, drop offs and wrecks galore!

Polar regions

Cold waters in the Arctic and Antarctica offer a variety of attractions, be it the lure of an extreme activity coupled with the chance to learn new skills, or the appeal of visiting beautiful destinations with unique landscape and wildlife.

We offer over 60 liveaboards in 23 destinations worldwide. Visit our featured liveaboards to discover the right one for you.

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