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Bite-Back – Defending the high seas on the High Street

Bite-Back’s Graham Buckingham on why YOUR support really does make a difference.

{img_alt} Raising funds for shark and marine conservation isn’t the easiest task in the world so it’s always exciting when a switched-on dive company recognises the issues facing the oceans and wants to support Bite-Back’s work. By combining its passion for scuba diving in the most beautiful locations on the planet with a desire to protect these fragile eco-systems, Dive Worldwide has marked itself out as a leader in the global dive holiday industry.

For that reason, Bite-Back is delighted to be working with Dive Worldwide and its clients to raise awareness and vital funds for its key campaigns through the introduction of a voluntary donation scheme. All the money raised will allow Bite-Back to keep running its innovative series of campaigns to safeguard threatened marine species – including shark, swordfish, marlin, monkfish, skate and rays – by challenging retailers and restaurants to put conservation before commerce and no longer sell them.

Since 2004, the charity’s pioneering programmes have helped prompt the UK’s very biggest fish retailers – ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose – to end the sale of a number of these key species. As a result it is now no longer possible to buy shark or marlin from any UK supermarket.And, as part of Bite-Back’s ambition to eliminate retail opportunities for any shark products, it is also responsible for ending the sale of shark cartilage capsules in 550 Holland & Barrett health food stores. 

Without doubt thought, the catalyst for all these victories has been the support of like-minded divers from around the world. Simply by taking part in Bite-Back’s online campaigns these divers have helped create a movement that can confidently demand a change in the way retailers buy and sell seafood

But it’s Bite-Back’s latest campaign – to end the sale of shark fin soup in Britain – that is most likely to resonate with divers. And this is where new support and funds will be crucial in helping the charity achieve success. Already, the first stage of this new project is underway. Thanks to the help of Bite-Back supporters the charity has identified and exposed more than 80 restaurants in the country currently selling the controversial dish. Sadly, as more reports come in, the list is expected to reach 100.It’s therefore uplifting to know that this campaign has already found support from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Gordon Ramsay, Bear Grylls, Martin Clunes and Monty Halls plus the top London advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather.

Considering this is only one of a number of campaigns due to be launched in 2013, it’s going to be an exciting year for Bite-Back.

Please be part of its breakthroughs and please choose to make a donation when you book your next scuba adventure with Dive Worldwide. For more information, visit and for regular updates please ‘Like’ Bite-Back on Facebook .