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Kenya’s finest wildlife sanctuary, the Masai Mara is a natural paradise of gently rolling grasslands studded with acacia trees. Everything about it is outstanding.

Remaining as the ancestral homelands of the Masai, a curious harmony between man and wildlife exists that allows a route for the large migrations and home for predators and plains wildlife.

The first sight of this natural wonderland is breathtaking. Here, great herds of elephant browse among the rich tree-studded grasslands, along with an occasional solitary and generally ill-tempered black rhino. Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, topi, eland and many more species of plains game offer a rich menu for the dominant predators – lion, leopard and cheetah – that hunt in this pristine wilderness. In the Mara River, hippos submerge at the approach of a vehicle, only to surface seconds later to snort and grumble their displeasure. Seemingly drowsy crocodiles sunbathe on the riverbanks, mouths agape, waiting with subtle cunning for prey at which to strike with lightning swiftness.

Although July, August, September and, usually, October are the months when the Mara plains fill with migrating wildebeest and zebra, there is plenty of resident wildlife year round.

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