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Sea of Cortez

Labelled the ‘world’s aquarium’ by Jacques Cousteau, you can expect an incredible marine diversity in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous for its variety of whales and dolphin species, the region is best visited in summer and is best suited to more experienced divers.

  • Destination: Mexico

Antarctic Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula is the most accessible part of the great white continent with some of its best wildlife and scenery. Sculpted icebergs, imposing glaciers and rugged mountains provide the back drop to more whales and dolphins than anywhere else on earth.

  • Destination: Antarctica


High above the Arctic Circle lies this remarkable archipelago, known in Norwegian as Svalbard. Meaning “jagged peaks”, this befits a remarkable land with a spectacular coastline, littered with glaciers flowing into the sea, and high cliffs with prolific wildlife.

  • Destination: Arctic

North East Greenland National Park

North East Greenland National Park, at almost 1 million square kilometres, is the world’s largest. Although part of the Greenland Ice Sheet, there are large ice-free areas of green mountains with beautiful wild flowers, long fjords, precipitous cliffs and hot springs.

  • Destination: Arctic


Located in the Austral archipelago, this tiny island is idyllic: white sand beaches clash with the intense blue waters of the lagoons. Visitors head here for humpback whale encounters in season, where great visibility and cooperative whales make for a memorable experience.

  • Destination: Tahiti


More developed than its neighbours, the island of Tongatapu still maintains an unhurried and peaceful lifestyle. More of a transit town, a short time can be spent exploring the island’s historical sites, blow holes and the limestone caves of Anahulu.

  • Destination: Tonga


Home to Pico Volcano, the highest point in the Azores, Pico Island is also known for whale watching. Diving here is spectacular, with magnificent topography and plentiful pelagic species. From here you can also dive with the mantas of Princess Alice Bank.

  • Destination: Azores

South Island

The cool climes of New Zealand’s South Island are renowned for fiords, glaciers and plenty of adventure. A wealth of wildlife, from seabirds to whales, can be found at Kaikoura, whereas divers may head for the Mikhael Lermontov, a colossal wreck known as the Red Giant.

  • Destination: New Zealand

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Stretching almost 3,000 kilometres along the coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is a complex ecosystem blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef. There are over 2,900 individual reef systems, cays and tropical islands.

  • Destination: Australia