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Lembeh Strait

For divers interested in the weird and wonderful, Lembeh Strait offers the best muck diving on earth! Attracting marine experts from around the world, it is home to a huge array of rare and unusual marine life, with new species regularly being discovered.

  • Destination: Indonesia

Dumaguete & Dauin

Known as the ‘City of Gentle People’, you’ll be welcomed in Dumaguete with open arms and first class hospitality. Further down the coast, Dauin has some of the best critters in the Philippines, and both areas also offer plenty of opportunity for snorkellers and non-divers.

  • Destination: Philippines

Alor Archipelago

Located in the far eastern reaches of Indonesia, the Alor Archipelago consists of 20 islands. Home to the Pantar Strait Marine Park, here you will find a bountiful marine life boosted by strong currents, and some of the best preserved coral reef systems in Indonesia.

  • Destination: Indonesia

Manado & Bunaken

North Sulawesi is home to the beautiful steep coral reef walls of Bunaken National Marine Park, attracting divers of all levels to its warm waters, clear visibility and pristine walls covered in soft corals and sponges, surrounded by barracuda, moray eels and turtles.

  • Destination: Indonesia


Ambon’s intriguing shoreline has a habit of throwing up the weird and the wonderful. Muck diving in the region has become legendary, yet the clear water sites on the south coast offer divers a great combination making this a must visit destination.

  • Destination: Indonesia


Often overlooked as a dive destination, Bali offers exceptional diving, from superb macro life to exciting drift dives and encounters with mantas. The wreck of the USS Liberty at Tulamben is the island’s signature dive, while the elusive mola mola are seen seasonally.

  • Destination: Indonesia


Tulamben, on Bali’s northeast coast is most famous for the wreck of the USS Liberty, home to plenty of bumphead parrotfish and great for underwater photographers. Other highlights include the drop-off at Kubu and plenty of critters on amazing house reefs.

  • Destination: Indonesia

Milne Bay

Milne Bay is situated between the Solomon and Coral Seas, which surge back and forth, flushing plankton-rich waters with crystal clear blue water and causing a frantic profusion of marine growth. The scene of heavy fighting in WWll, the entire region is littered with wrecks.

  • Destination: Papua New Guinea


Once an island, natural forces have shaped Kapalai so that all that remains is a beautiful sand bar, perched on the Ligitan Reefs In contrast to Sipadan, just 15 minutes away, Kapalai's diverse macro life is a mecca for divers and photographers with an eye for cleverly camouflaged oddities.

  • Destination: Malaysia

Lankayan Island

Situated in a Marine Protected Area in the Sulu Sea, this tiny paradise island is serene and tranquil with white sand beaches and swaying casuarina pines. Green and hawksbill turtles nest here, while divers can expect outstanding macro life and whale sharks in season.

  • Destination: Malaysia

Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island is a macro photographer’s dream, and night divers will long remember their marine experience. Adventurous visitors can enjoy the towering limestone landscape, which offers opportunities for climbing and exploring the many caverns.

  • Destination: Philippines


Mabul Island is a short boat ride from Sipadan and, like Kapalai, is famous for its macro diving, gaining a reputation as one of the best ‘muck diving’ sites in the world. It is the jumping off points for those visiting Sipadan with a number of resorts catering for divers.

  • Destination: Malaysia


Located in the northern Moluccas, the remote island of Halmahera sits half way between Lembeh Strait and Raja Ampat and promises exceptional diving opportunities for adventurous divers, right at the heart of the Coral Triangle.

  • Destination: Indonesia

Northern Mozambique

Remote and relatively untouched, Northern Mozambique features uninhabited tropical islands, glorious beaches and unspoilt wilderness. Expect an incredible diversity of marine life from tiny colourful creatures to humpback whales in season.

  • Destination: Mozambique


Once commanding huge strategic importance, Gulen lies on the western fringes of Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. Its history ensures its place as one of the world’s finest yet least known wreck diving destinations.

  • Destination: Norway