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The Indian Ocean is the epitome of luxury, boasting stunning resorts, idyllic island retreats and azure waters. Renowned for liveaboard adventures and pelagic encounters, the region is suitable for snorkellers and divers alike.


A country of contrasts, awe-inspiring forts, bustling cities, snow-capped mountains, palm-fringed beaches, incredible wildlife and fabulous temples, India is also a little known diving destination. Explore sunken cities, WWII wrecks and remote islands from both the mainland and island chain states.


The Maldives are a 539 mile long chain of over 1,000 islands strung across the Indian Ocean and grouped into ring-shaped atolls with swaying palms, pristine sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. Reef life is prolific with over 700 common fish species and visibility often exceeding 50 metres.


Blessed with a year-long tropical climate it’s always a good time to visit the paradise of the Seychelles. Unique granite boulder formations, powder white sand beaches, coral atolls and wrecks home to colourful tropical fish, turtles, sharks, many pelagic species and of course, the seasonal gentle giants, the whale sharks.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers a captivating mix of ancient architecture, rich culture and natural beauty with palm fringed tropical beaches, tea plantations and jungle habitats. Underwater highlights include historical wrecks. Diving, snorkelling and whale watching are best combined for the ultimate holiday experience.