Iceland is more amazing than you could ever imagine, with stunning natural wonders and unique diving opportunities in crystal clear waters, between tectonic plates or inside a geothermal lake. This land of fire and ice boasts a rich culture and rugged nature, 24 hours of sunshine and plenty of adventure.


An archipelago of huge volcanic peaks breaking the surface in the mid-Altantic, the Azores is a spectacular destination for diving, hiking or whale watching. The lush green islands are untouched by mass tourism and the local waters hold a rich marine biodiversity, most notably a wide variety of whale and dolphin species.


This archipelago of three islands lies at the heart of the Mediterranean, offering year round sunshine, an intriguing 7,000 year history, unique culture, captivating places of interest, a bustling nightlife and superb diving conditions. Malta is popular for learning to dive and underwater highlights include wrecks and the caves and caverns of Gozo.


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